You've got questions, we've got answers

Who do you work with at HRT? 

We serve children (12 mos +) through adults in the central Fort Worth area. Although we specialize in pediatric speech and language delays and disorders we treat clients of all ages. 

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Do you take Insurance? 

No, we are currently an out-of-network provider with all insurance companies. However, this does not mean that your insurance company will not cover some/all services. 

Download our comprehensive Guide to Insurance Reimbursement here. Contact us for questions regarding insurance. 

How do you know if my child needs speech therapy? 

We utilize a combination or standardized, assessment/evaluation tools, informal observation and assessments, such as play-based assessments, parent information and our professional judgment  to give you a recommendation on whether or not your child could benefit from speech therapy.

My child has not reached their communication milestones on time. I have heard that I should just "wait and see". Is this the right approach?

The “wait-and-see” approach to children who are not meeting communication milestones is a result of misconceptions about typical language development.


“All children develop at their own pace” is another common phrase you might hear when looking for an explanation for your child’s delayed speech. Children do develop at their own pace; however, we know that there are certain milestones which should be reached by a specific age.


If your child has not met certain developmental milestones, this becomes cause for concern. While some children seem to catch up on their own, others do not. It is best to seek the services of a professional and not lose out on precious time during their critical learning phase. 

When should my child say a certain sound or use words, sentences, etc? 

Download our speech and language developmental guides here. 

Where are you located? Where does therapy take place?  

We travel to you! HRT will come see you or your child at home, school or childcare center.  

What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept credit cards through our HIPAA compliant client portal, powered by Stripe, cash, check and HSA/FSA cards, if applicable.

We require  a credit card on file to book your initial evaluation.

My child did not qualify for speech in the schools but I am still concerned. Do they still need speech therapy? 

  • School-based SLPs provide services to children with disabilities who otherwise can't make progress in the classroom. 

  • Private-practice SLPs provide services to children who may benefit from services.


Public schools are regulated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  Eligibility guidelines can be rigorous and there are certain criteria children must meet to qualify. Sometimes a speech delay/disorder may be present, but other criteria is not met for the child to qualify in the schools. However, the child may still need assistance from a professional speech-language pathologist. 


Speech therapy in school can be a tremendous aid in helping your child's speech or communication skills; however, it is usually provided in a group environment. If your child is already receiving therapy at school, we can supplement your school therapy so that your child sees faster progress with an individual session. 

I live in another city. Do you offer teletherapy? 

Yes! We are excited to announce a new tele-therapy option for our clients which utilizes video conferencing. Call us today to discuss this option, if interested.