Speech & Language Therapy & Evaluations


Individualized Speech Therapy

At HRT we provide individualized, evidence based treatment for all types of communication disorders. We specialize in

  • Apraxia of speech (CAS)

  • Articulation/Speech sound disorders

  • Auditory Comprehension/Receptive Language

  • Expressive Language 

  • "Late talkers" & delayed speech acquisition

  • Phonological disorder

  • Pragmatic "social skills" Language 

  • Stuttering ​

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Before treating a client, speech-language pathologists diagnose a communication disorder by conducting a thorough evaluation of your child’s speech, language, and communication skills.


Evaluations include a review of medical/developmental history, standardized and non-standardized assessments, and observations and interactions during play or conversation. 

We utilize the latest standardized assessments and provide you with a written report outlining:

  • diagnosis 

  • severity 

  • clinical assessment explaining standard test scores and specific strengths/needs of the client

  • recommendations for treatment including frequency and duration of therapy sessions 

  • treatment plan including individualized, measurable goals to be targeted during therapy

Does your child have a current IEP? 

We would love to help supplement your school based services. We can provide guidance to you regarding the special education-IEP process.


If appropriate, we can utilize your child's current IEP's goals and objectives and collaborate with school staff and therapists to further increase your child's progress.  If a current IEP is provided and is deemed acceptable, HRT's evaluation fee may be waived. 

We can help supplement school therapy